The CeraCon foam sealing machine has been integrated in the injection moulding machine of Leomuovi’s production line.

The automated production line ensures high quality and repeatability of products. In addition, it enables us to seal complex 3D-objects. The production line can produce an object and seal it at the same time. This speeds up the production process considerably. The sealant can also be used on ready-made plastic and metal products. There are only a few of these machines in Finland and demand is high.

Patented foam has superior properties

The single-component, closed-cell, patented foam guarantees superior properties. The CeraCon foam sealing machine uses a patented, single-component, thermally activated polyurethane material. The foam created during the CeraCon mechanical foaming method is mainly closed-cell. This guarantees that the foam has first-class properties, e.g. very low water absorption and excellent elastic properties.

Quick method – product is ready for use

The sealant is hardened at over 70 °C. The hardening process is quick (from a few seconds to a few minutes). The required time depends on the size of the object and the amount of foam used. The process does not change the structure or volume of the foam. The object is transferred to room temperature after it has been cooled and it is ready for use. The object can be subjected to mechanical strain immediately or it can be installed in its place of use.

Versatile, preserves nature

The sealant can be used to seal off, for example, water, dust or dirt and it dampens noise and vibration. The sealant preserves nature: it only contains a very small amount of free monomeric isocyanates. The raw materials are non-toxic and the produced waste can be disposed of like ordinary household waste. No toxic fumes or smells are released from the material when it is handled.

The sealant is already being used by, for example: Siemens, Bosch, Miele, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Volvo, Continental, Philips, Valeo, and Metzeler.

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Leomuovi at your service

Great products are a result of flexible collaboration and genuine commitment.
Our job is to support your product development and supply you with reliable, high quality plastic parts – no matter how simple or challenging the product.

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Supplier of choice for contract manufacturing plastic components

Leomuovi has been delivering injection molded parts and goods to both industry and consumers for more than 30 years.
Leomuovi’s main focus is on contract manufacturing and our services are used in numerous industries, for example:

  • Constraction
  • Electronics
  • Machinery
  • Ventilation and air conditioning
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • huonekaluteollisuus
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Methods and materials

We use the latest technology and methods to ensure optimal results. For manufacturing plastic products and components, we use injection moulding, which is best suited for manufacturing large series. For sealing, we use an automated production line, which ensures the high quality and repeatability of products.

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Thanks to our joint efforts and enthusiasm to create valuable products, Leomuovi Oy is growing sustainably and continuously. Nowadays our factory manufactures a broad palette of customized industrial components and appliances from different commodity and engineering plastics.

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