New sealing machine has been serving our customers since end of may

At the end of May 2016 a new PUR-sealing line was installed in our premises by the team of the manufacturer CeraCon. One of the main advantages of our new machine is the production speed achieved through the single-component PUR- gasket foam. The material is applied in just one step and requires very short curing time in a hot-air oven.
The whole production line consists of a new Wittmann-Battenfeld injection molding automat, 3 robots and a curing oven. Thanks to the 3-axis and 6-axis systems, the line is fully automated and requires no human intervention. Depending on the molded part size the whole cycle of injection molding and gasket application can last just one minute including the curing time of the PUR-sealing.

The one-step PUR- material offers excellent insulation from dirt, dust, liquids and can serve as a noise and vibration damper when applied between different parts e.g. under the hub of a car. Due to this it is popular application among car manufacturers, producers of electronics and house devices, manufacturers of outdoor electrical applications and others. You can find the CeraCon sealing in cars, outdoor luminaries, washing machines, display covers, transmitter housings and different small electronic parts.
It can be applied to thin-walled delicate plastic parts thanks to its water-tightness at a low compression levels (from 20% compression onwards according to the producer CeraCon).

For more technical details on this timesaving and reliable gasket solution, please, contact our team. You can find the contact data at the bottom of this website.

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