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Our production team offers plastic part design, mould manufacturing, injection and compression moulding, and sealing services. We procure metal, rubber, and other parts and assemble plastic and multi-material products for our customers. Quickly, cost-effectively, and with precision. Made in Finland. 

Leomuovi operates in three different locations giving it the advantages of a large company while maintaining the agility of a small one. Our injection molding machine range extends from a precise 35-ton machine to a robust 1600-ton injection molding machine.


Product design

Involve our specialists early in your product design process to ensure a fast and smooth manufacturing run. We will also help you to select the most suitable materials and components for the envisioned application.

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Mould manufacturing

During the mould design phase, our tool technicians consider all your needs for optimal results. Our cost-effective in-house tool manufacturing will help improve your competitiveness and make your production schedule more flexible.

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Mould procurement

For more flexibility, we have long-term cooperations with different mould producers in Finland, Europe, and China. Together with them, we examine and discuss your product drawings, check the manufacturability, and any need for change. 

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Manufacturing and assembly

You will receive the needed product batch  according to the agreed schedule and contract terms - anywhere from a few hundred to over one million pieces a year. We will manifacture, procure and assemble it for you. 

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Mould maintenance

We offer regular tool maintenance to our customers because it is critical for long-term usability and functional reliability. It affects the products’ quality and is cheaper than repairing or manufacturing new moulds.

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Your products will be sent out quickly and effortlessly to the destination named by you with the agreed customised labelling and packaging. In addition, we offer professional packing and flexible warehousing.

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Injection moulding

Injection moulding is the most common method for producing plastic parts requiring dimensional accuracy. It is best suited for batches of over one thousand pieces. Our largest injection moulding product weighs 25 kilograms.

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PUR sealing of components

Our fully automated production line offers customer-tailored and unique sealing solutions with high quality and excellent reproducibility. We can seal multidimensional pieces manufactured from metal and plastic.

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Raw material selection

We will analyse the working environment of your new part or assembly and help you choose the material with the most suitable properties to meet the environmental and all other requirements of the new application. 

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Plastic products and components for industrial applications

Leomuovi manufactures products, components, and subassemblies for different industries as a contract manufacturer. We have over 3000 customers, from individual entrepreneurs to large industrial companies. The plastic products we manufacture are used in e.g..

  • the construction industry
  • the electronics industry
  • the machinery industry
  • the metals industry
  • the furniture industry
  • the automotive industry
  • the logistics industry
  • the HVAC industry
  • the defence industry
  • civil engineering/infrastructure construction
  • health care equipment and accessories

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84 persons

Our specialists

25 kg

The smallest part - 1 g and the largest -

85 %

Share of contract manufacturing

3 pcs


1600 T

Our largest machine

15 %

Recycled raw materials


Supervised quality

We continuously monitor and supervise the quality of our production. Our cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly operations are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environmental standard.


“Leomuovi provides us with a wide range of services all “under one roof.” They respond to our needs and quality criteria by combining different service models with existing processes. Their wide range of machines and production capacity make projects of various sizes a breeze. In addition, their team has extensive experience with production, product development, and raw materials.”


– Janne Kanervo, Portfolio Manager, Kekkilä-BVB Oy


“We were looking world-wide for a partner but found one locally. Leomuovi’s versatility and experience have helped us to create outstanding products together. Their skills in product development, problem-solving, and brainstorming abilities are hard currency. We are proud to have exported this expertise worldwide.”


– Jani Leinonen, Project Manager, Black Donuts Engineering Inc.


“For over ten years, we’ve been ordering injection-moulded components from Leomuovi for the paper industry, whose precision, smoothness, and chemical resistance requirements are very stringent. We have replaced expensive steel parts with these components, making our production more flexible. Our collaboration has been effortless and fruitful.”



— Janne Lappi, Development Manager


“Leomuovi is our main supplier of plastic parts used in the ventilation equipment subassemblies we create. They contribute to our design, among others, with their strong expertise in material selection. Our components require dimensional accuracy, consistent quality, and mechanical durability. Leomuovi has met our needs at a competitive price for more than 20 years.”



— Jari Hokkanen, R&D Manager

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