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Leomuovi Group manufactures high-quality and durable plastic components for a wide range of industrial applications. For 40 years, our team has been supporting our curtomers as their contract manufacturer and product development partner. We offer our clients comprehensive services from tool and part design to material selection to production, logistics, and retail-ready packaging.

Bureau Veritas Finland has awarded Leomuovi Group the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate and the ISO 14001:2015 environment certificate. 


Leomuovi Group

Leomuovi was established in 1984 when Leo Koskinen purchased the plastics production unit of Lapinleimu Oy, which manufactured air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Nowadays, Risto Kalliainen and Sami Rantala own the company, which is situated in Viiala, Akaa, Finland. Under our current owners and managers, our enterprise has grown steadily. It has integrated successfully the former moulding tool and plastic component manufacturer WM-plast Oy in Kankaanpää in 2018 and later in 2021, the plastics company from Uusikaupunki, known as VS-Automaatio, into a new smart and agile organisation..

Leomuovi Group has three production sites in Finland, which complement each other regarding equipment. The premises in Kankaanpää are designed to meet stringent quality requirements for mould manufacturing and injection moulding production. The primary Leomuovi Group’s moulding tool workshop is located there. The production facilities use the latest technology; for example, special air conditioning and cooling equipment keep temperature fluctuation within a range of four degrees all year round. In addition, the floor is of exceptional thickness to dampen external vibrations, and the mould warehouse is fire compartmentalised.

Leomuovi Group has operated in Uusikaupunki since 2007, manufacturing plastic products, automation equipment, and plastics industry projects from part and assembly design to retail-ready products. The acquisition and incorporation of the production site into the then-Leomuovi Group were completed in 2021.

The site in Uusikaupunki has a small maintenance and moulding tool repair shop beside the plastic part production. Thanks to the comprehensive machinery and equipment park – our moulding machines range from 35 tonnes to the giant 1600 tonnes - we can manufacture injection moulding products of all sizes. Our automation services comprise moulding equipment maintenance and manufacturing, programming and implementing various automation equipment.


Used worldwide

Leomuovi is focused on developing its operation and skills, and continuously expanding our product portfolio is an essential goal for us. As a result, the company has also systematically grown its customer base outside Finland, and nowadays, Leomuovi Group’s products are used on all continents.

Leomuovi Group has almost 3000 customers, from individual entrepreneurs to large industrial companies. The plastic products we manufacture are used by e.g.

  • the construction industry
  • the electronics industry
  • the machinery industry
  • the metals industry
  • the furniture industry
  • the automotive industry
  • the logistics industry
  • civil engineering/infrastructure construction
  • the HVAC industry
  • health care equipment and accessories
  • the defence industry

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