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Velsia - Ecological Bird Feeders

Velsia bird feeders are handmade at the Akaa factory and manufactured in Finland from recycled plastic. Spare parts, such as the lid and base, are available for purchase and can be ordered directly from Leomuovi Sales at


To make it easier for our small flying friends to get seeds from the feeders, we have added holes to the sides of the tube, allowing the seeds to be conveniently accessed. The feeding tray does not need to be filled with seeds; the idea is that the birds pick the seeds from the feeding holes. However, if you think too many grains are coming out, you can easily reduce the size of the holes with duct tape. 


The cover of the bird feeder is adjustable. It can be moved in both directions, and its height can also be adjusted. We recommend adjusting the gap between the cover and the base to a suitable small size, about 2½–3 cm high, to prevent water and snow from falling onto the feeding tray. The cover is movable but tight. Sometimes the cover may feel a bit loose, but by wrapping painter's or duct tape around the tube, the cover will fit snugly against it.


You can attach the bird feeder to a string or a tree branch. For pole mounting, first remove the base. Then, screw the base to the pole with a couple of screws, and finally, put the tube back on, and your pole-mounted feeder is ready!

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Velsia 2 automatic bird feeder

We are happy to introduce the compact and convenient Velsia 2 bird feeder, which can easily be hung from a tree branch. It is perfect for adding a touch of cheer to your yard!

The feeder's tube is 200 mm in height and has a diameter of 125 mm with an overall height of approximately 250 mm.

This bird feeder can hold about 1.5 kg of shelled sunflower seeds and approximately 1 kg of unshelled sunflower seeds.

The Velsia 2 bird feeder is only available in white.

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Velsia 25 automatic bird feeder

Velsia 25 is a large bird feeder designed for holiday cottages or locations where the refill interval might be long. It has a capacity of 20 – 25 liters and can hold approximately 8 kg of sunflower seeds at a time. Its supply lasts about 4 – 5 weeks.

This feeder is also excellently suited for feeding forest game birds.

The Velsia 25 feeder is only available in grey.

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Velsia 5 automatic bird feeder

This spacious Velsia 5 bird feeder has a capacity of about 5 liters and can hold up to 2.5 kg of sunflower seeds in their shells. It offers plenty of treats for the birds and allows you to enjoy their lively flocks in your yard!

The Velsia 5 bird feeder is available in gray and translucent white.

Please note that the capacities are approximate and not exact measurements

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Feeding Instructions

The feeder should be cleaned regularly (2-3 times a year) and disinfected if necessary. It is recommended to wear gloves while cleaning.

Begin feeding birds in winter when the ground freezes or is covered with snow.

Continue winter feeding until the ground thaws and becomes visible again in the spring.

Preferably fill the feeder with hulled sunflower seeds.

Shelled sunflower seeds are also suitable, but in this case, regular cleaning of the shells is necessary. The shells may attract pests such as rats and voles to the feeding area.

The feeding tray does not need to be filled with seeds; the idea is that the birds pick the seeds from the feeding holes.

It's advisable to place multiple feeders in the same feeding area to prevent unnecessary squabbles among birds and ensure that all get enough food.

Place the feeder in such a way that, for example, squirrels cannot reach it from a tree branch or trunk.

Please wear gloves when handling bird food or filling the feeder with seeds.

A smaller feeder (Velsia 2 and 5) is likely sufficient for weekly filling. These feeders are designed to be placed near the building, allowing fir an enjoyable bird-watching experience as they dine.

The large feeder (Velsia 25) is also excellently suited for feeding forest game birds.

If you visit the feeding site infrequently, please use a large feeder (Velsia 25 liters) or multiple smaller ones.

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