Responsibility and sustainability :: Leomuovi Group



Commited to quality

We continuously monitor and supervise the quality of our production. Our team aims to operate in a cost-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly way.
Our operations promote recycling and waste utilisation, and we avoid wasting time, materials, and other resources.

Leomuovi´s operations are certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Green and sustainable

Leomuovi is committed to green and sustainable manufacturing. We recycle the leftover plastic material generated during production and keep warm our warehouse building using waste heat from the production hall. We have reduced our yearly heating oil consumption from 30,000 to 5000 litres using waste heat. The electricity consumption has also been reduced by 30% thanks to our modern electricity-saving machinery.

The roof of our warehouse is made of Finnish bitumen covered with a Noxite membrane. With the help of sunshine, wind, and rainwater, this roofing neutralises nitrogen oxide emissions harmful to the environment into a small number of nitrates. 

For example, a 130 sqm roof coated in Noxite can depollute the same amount of nitrogen oxides from the air as a Euro5 emissions class petrol-fuelled car produces in 15,000 kilometres of driving.



Leomuovi is a member of the RINKI recycling system, which requires every packaging unit handled in our factories to be disposed of appropriately. Our Rinki label means we take responsibility and fulfil our obligations as a producer and user of different packaging materials.


We are also a member of the Finish Reliable Partner service system that evaluates our credibility and reliability as a business partner. We fulfil our obligations under the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability Act and operate honestly and transparently.


Our Siivo and Evermatic product groups have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol in recognition that these products are manufactured responsibly in Finland.

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