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PUR sealing of components

Our combined, automated moulding and sealing production line guarantees high quality and excellent product reproducibility.


Our CeraCon sealing system is integrated into one production line with an injection moulding machine.

The moulding-sealing production line's automation guarantees the products' high quality and reproducibility. The plastic components are moulded on the injection machine, and consequently, the desired and suitable sealing is applied, significantly speeding up the manufacturing run. We can seal simple parts and even complex, multidimensional 3D shapes. The sealing foam can be applied to ready-made plastic, glass or metal products manufactured elsewhere. We also help other companies by offering them only sealing services.

The CeraPUR® patented seals offer superior properties

The single-component, closed-cell elastomer foams CeraPUR® guarantee superior sealant properties. After curing, they show outstanding hydrolysis resistance and are highly tear resistant. Thus, the applied seal offers advantages not only during installation but also with its maximum tightness – during heavy-duty use. The sealant is usually applied to protect against moisture and dirt, and it can attenuate noise and, to some extent, vibration.

Rapid sealing method – the product is immediately ready for use

The seal is hardened at a temperature over 70°C. The duration of the curing process is short - from seconds to just a few minutes, depending on the part’s size and the amount of foam applied. The process does not change the structure or the volume of the seal. After cooling, the part is moved to room temperature and is immediately ready for use. The component can be assembled and directly exposed to mechanical stress.

Versatile to use, kind to nature

CeraPUR® seals protect against water, dirt, dust and reduce noise and vibrations. The foam is nature-friendly: it  only contains a minimum amount of free isocyanate monomers. The raw materials are not hazardous, and the created waste can be disposed of like regular household waste. No harmful chemicals or odours are released into the environment when handling the foam. Because of its supreme properties, performance, and automated application, the CeraPUR® seal is used in the automotive, electric, electronic, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. It is also applied to household devices like washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, and vacuum cleaners.

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