Leomuovi – Moulding the future with plastic components


Leomuovi has manufactured plastic and multi-material products, components, and parts for industrial applications for over 30 years. Within this time, we have amassed a significant amount of knowledge and skills, which we systematically forward to every new generation of employees. We have maintained and brought forward our competence in operating metal and plastic processing machines, our sealing application line, controlling and guiding quality, producing and modifying the needed manufacturing tools, moulding and assembling products, and managing logistics.

Thus, our clients get all the needed services and skills around designing and producing their products in one stop. Our organisation is a contract manufacturer for companies making medical, optical, and electrical equipment, agricultural vehicles, machinery, heat, ventilation, air conditioning systems, logistics applications, concrete pouring components, and other building and construction applications. One of our goals is also to promote the sustainable development of our and our customers´ businesses, for which we seek cooperation with different educational and scientific institutions and participate in innovative projects.


Customer satisfaction - the cornerstone of our operations

When designing and manufacturing moulds and plastic parts, we always consider the customer's needs from different angles to create requirement-compliant and reliable products.

Our staff is committed to high-quality and environmentally sustainable production, and we continuously develop our operations.

We always listen to our customers carefully because we want our products to generate added value. Therefore, we aim to meet the requirements and fulfill the customer’s wishes flexibly – every day.

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Staff satisfaction is a priority

Our operations are open and honest. We care for our staff, encourage them to continuously develop their skills and competencies, and ensure they comply with occupational safety requirements.

Responsibility saves time, money, and the environment

Our operations promote recycling, and we avoid wasting time, raw materials, and other resources. We apply Lean manufacturing and 5S principles in each of our everyday routines.


Aiming at profitable operations

We aim for all our routines to be cost-effective and increase the value of our customer’s operations. Our efficient processes support our and our customer’s business growth and profitability.

We measure the influence of our operational policy

The functionality of our quality system is measured using indicators required by our quality policy, such as reviews and audits. We apply the principles of continuous development to all of our operations.


Supervised quality

We continuously monitor and supervise the quality of our production. We aim to operate in a cost-efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly way. Our processes are certified according to the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environment standards.

A comprehensive range of services

Our extensive machine park and broad partner network allow us to manufacture even bigger subassemblies and to offer, e.g., gluing, painting, laser marking, pad printing, insert installations, customised packaging, and labeling up to retail-ready packaging.

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