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The injection tool plays a key role in every moulding process, and that’s why tool production is an integral part of Leomuovi Group’s services. The quality of the part and the project's sustainability depends on the tool's quality and making.


Leomuovi Group’s mould manufacturing ensures quality and guarantees operational reliability

We have designed and manufactured moulding tools on-site for over 30 years and have amassed considerable know-how and expertise in this area.

Our tool manufacturing team always starts the mould design by examining the customer’s needs to ensure the best possible result. We also focus on cost-effectiveness to promote the competitive advantage of our customer´s products.

Our customers benefit from Leomuovi Group’s strong expertise in mould manufacturing not only because it is cost-effective but also because of the ease of communication and the speed of our service. Our extensive network of partners also includes other proven mould manufacturers who can help us to deliver large and complex mould projects.

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