Swapping bass for robots at Leomuovi :: Leomuovi Group


Tero Paavola is an installation technician at Leomuovi and has a very interesting professional background. After earning his engineering degree, he spent 12 years as a concert musician.

He has played bass and sung backing vocals in All Rise and sang and played guitar in Cowerpoint and Perload. Tero was also a roadie for Teräsbetoni, who had big hits in Finland with “Taivas lyö tulta” and “Missä miehet ratsastaa.”

Like many other people in the culture industry during the pandemic, Tero also considered a career change because of the cancelation of his gigs. His background in engineering prompted him to look for tasks connected to production and machinery, and he got a job at Leomuovi.

Nowadays, Tero sets up robots, makes various installations and machinery maintenance, and changes moulding tools on the machines.

“I’d like to continue also in the future contributing my expertise and experience to Leomuovi’s production processes. In addition, I am eager to deepen my knowledge of plastics, their properties, and especially of different production methods,” Tero says.

“The best thing about Leomuovi is how varied my work is. Every workday is different. Plastics expertise is my new bass!