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Thanks to our joint efforts and enthusiasm to create valuable products, Leomuovi Oy is growing sustainably and continuously. Nowadays our factory manufactures a broad palette of customized industrial components and appliances from different commodity and engineering plastics. .

Leomuovi Oy started its journey as an independent plastic injection molding company in 1984, when Leo Koskinen decided to buy the plastic part production unit of the ventilation systems manufacturer Lapinleimu Oy. Starting in 2001, two energetic entrepreneurs – Risto Kalliainen and Sami Rantala – together with our team of resourceful injection molding specialists have continued to develop and diversify our production of plastic parts.

Our customer base is growing both in Finland and abroad. Products made by Leomuovi are now used on all continents.

Environmentally sustainable partner

We recycle the excess material that is generated in the production, we also recycle the waste heat accumulated in the production, by using it to heat our warehouse. By utilizing the waste heat, we have managed to reduce our heating oil consumption from 30 000 liters to 5000 liters per year.

We have electricity-saving machines in our production plant. Thanks to them, our electricity consumption has decreased by 30%.

The roof in our warehouse is Noxite-coated. “Icopal Noxite is a special bitumen membrane that cleans the air from damaging NOx particles emitted with the exhaust fumes from cars, power plants or incinerators. The roof interacts with the sunlight to capture the particles and transform them into harmless nitrates. The nitrate is then flushed away with rainwater.” (

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